Part One: The project started when I was randomly walking with my camera in the in the seaport area in Boston. I saw the exhibit and I started taking photos and videos of it. The exhibit took place at the Institute of Contemporary Art. 
Part Two: I sent the photos and the the film "Serene" to Heidi Latsky. Then she invited me to her next exhibit in the Federal Plaza, New York. 
My film "Juxtapose" played every 5 minutes during the month of October on a jumbotron in the center of Times Square. I made a short film driving with a friend to go see it. 
Part Three: A partnership started between Heidi Latsky Dance and NuVu Studio, where I work as an Art Director (NuVu is a full-time innovation school for middle and high school students). NuVu students designed wearables for four of her performers for On Display Global. The show was hosted by NYU Tisch School of the Art. I took photos of the show and I made a short film showing the process of making one of the wearables.      

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